Hansen Pallet Company
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We are ISPM15 certified to heat treat pallets, crates, and lumber for international shipping

  • Remove unwanted pallets
  • Repair your damaged, repairable pallets and return to you
  • Pallets, skids, crates...any size, any quantitiy 
  • Wood mulch

We're committed to providing quality pallets & dependable service

Hansen Pallet Company is here to help you with all of your palletization needs.  We offer any size, any quantity 
refurbished recycled wood pallets, combo pallets (manufactured using new and reclaimed lumber), and wood crates.  We can haul your damaged pallets to our plant, repair them, then return them back to you.  We can remove unwanted pallets that are cluttering up your dock areas, and can drop a trailer at your facility to be loaded with your scrap at your convenience. 

Our recycled pallets offer an affordable alternative to new pallets...they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as new, but they serve the same purpose and save your company money.

Recycled pallets are the environmentally friendly choice, keeping pallets out of landfills...what we can't use we turn into mulch, further extending their life and usefulness.
        ** No sales to the general public**
       We are not set up to allow sales of pallets or lumber for DIY projects